Longest Book in the World (Fact #4)

From the Fact #1 we know that the longest published book in the world (which is not encyclopedia) is The Blah Story by Nigel Tomm, for now, 23 volumes are published, they contain 11,338,105 words; 17,868 pages. In Fact #2 and Fact #3 we’ve bumped into a question: “Is The Blah Story a novel?” Let’s answer it.

The Blah Story

The Blah Story books (image taken from PRLEAP).

Let’s begin with an excerpt from The Blah Story, Volume 15:

    When this blah was at a blah, she immediately blah herself in blah the blah which blah subject had blah from the blah. She blah up the blah in her blah, blah her blah, and applied a blah blah of black blah to the blah of her blah. The blah soon grew blah blah. Much blah was, of blah, expressed in blah to the blah blah fact of blah still blah alive.
    ‘I should have blah,’ observed blah, ‘that it is blah time you were blah.’
    ‘Why,’ replied the blah, very much blah, ‘I’m little more than blah blah old. My blah lived a blah, and was by no blah in blah blah when blah died.’
    Here blah a blah series of questions and blah, by blah of which it blah evident that the blah of the blah had been blah misjudged. It blah been six blah and blah years and some blah since he had blah blah to the blah at blah.

From an excerpt we see that Wikipedia’s description, which tells that The Blah Story “consists of nothing but repetitions of the word “blah” interspersed with grammatical particles” [>] is a little bit wrong, because Nigel Tomm’s The Blah Story has sentences, grammatical structure and dialogues; it’s not just “repetitions of the word “blah” interspersed with grammatical particles,” it’s much more than that.  

Now let us solve the question: “Is The Blah Story a novel?” As I’ve said earlier, fundamental elements of fiction are: character, plot and theme. Does The Blah Story have those 3 fundamental elements of a novel? My answer is: “Yes, it has.” Let me explain. It has character, because there are dialogs in the text, so, if they are, then somebody must talk. I think it’s clear. I would suggest you to read The Blah Story, because when you read you can feel that something is going on, something is evolving, something is changing, that means The Blah Story has plot. And finally, The Blah Story has theme, which, in my opinion everyone can define for oneself, for example for me it’s about love.

I can summarize Fact #4 in this way: character, plot and theme in The Blah Story are left to define by each reader individually, they are not pre-defined by author Nigel Tomm.

Conclusion. Nigel Tomm’s The Blah Story has character, plot and theme. The Blah Story is a novel.

Is it some kind of abstract literature? Read more about The Blah Story tomorrow.


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  1. Ed Says:

    there is no blah blah way. that blah blah this book blah blah could be for real blah blah. I dont blah get blah it at blah blah all. -Ed

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